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The Logo Embossed is taking over the fashion world and we can’t get enough of it. We just have one thing to say; Givenchy should have crafted their precious logo sooner on their handbags.

Introducing the Givenchy Logo Embossed Chain Wallet, it’s much better than the Shark Mini Bag right? It’s created for the Fall Winter 2018 Collection, but let’s see how much love we can find on this beauty.

The Design


So this Embossed Chain Wallet is quite streamlined and minimalistic, don’t you think? It’s created in single color, in rectangle-shape and without much noise. But that’s exactly what we need, because the attention should be focused on the Logo.

The center logo, the beauty and it are refreshing. Finally, the house’s logo is embossed on the handbags. The Givenchy logo is designed with 4 G’s, can you see that?

This compact shoulder bag will make you even happier when you see the interior. It’s literally effortless glam, made from supple lambskin for the ultra-chic appeal. It also comes with a chain strap for shoulder carry.

But a note about Givenchy, it’s a true high fashion brand that uses high quality leathers. So the lambskin might sound like it’s not durable, but lambskin can be durable too.

And another note, the chain strap can be detached and this small bag can be turned into a wallet or a clutch anytime you want. Now that’s flexible.

The Interior


So what about the interior?

There is a beautiful zip pocket just behind the flap and featuring slot pockets (including one on the back). There are also several card slots to help you organize your cards. It’s a bag and wallet in one, perfect for the night-outs (or daily use).

The Prices And Sizes

Measuring 4.5’ x 7.5’ x 2’ (H x W x D) inches, priced at $1250 USD, €920 EUR, £850 GBP.

Where To Shop The Givenchy Logo Bag?

1. MyTheresa – Shop this gorgeous bag here…

2. Farfetch – Find more Givenchy Logo Bag styles here…

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Is Saint Laurent turning the ‘minimalism’ mode on? Well, they’re going after every style in high fashion. We have YSL handbags in So Black, with Short Handle, in Multiple Different Quilting. And now introducing the Saint Laurent Catherine Bag for the Fall Winter 2018 Collection. This bag is so much more than only minimalistic.

The Design


The Catherine Bag is quite a distinctive handbag. The overall body is minimalistic and streamlined, designed in single color. The overall construction is feminine and ladylike. It also looks very classy which is ideal for the businesswoman. And there is more. The Catherine Bag has a gorgeous and useful interior.

What can you ask more than beauty and functional? The bag is made with a front compartment with flap closure. In that compartment you can quickly access your essentials.

While the bag comes with a shoulder strap that’s long enough for shoulder or cross body carry, the sides are refined with two pieces of gold hardware. The front is adorned with the house’s signature, in tiny lettering (just like Celine, sssshhh).

Made from calfskin, which is leather that’s incredible strong and durable. And one more thing, this handbag holds shape.

The Interior


So what’s inside this stunning handbag? Inside there are two separated compartments. In one compartment, you will find a removable coin purse with flap and snap button (yes a removable, which means two fashion pieces in one). There is also a pocket with zipper closing

The Sizes And Prices

Measuring 22.5 x 14.5 x 10 cm, priced at $16500 HKD, $1990 USD, €1590 EUR, £1380 GBP.

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We’ve seen the models carrying the Gucci Logo Drawstring Backpack throughout the Resort 2018 Collection. This backpack is the key piece for this season thanks to its sports-luxe appeal.

We love the fact that it’s a two-bag-in-one. And we adore the vintage logo. And we think it’s also very easy to use on daily basis as well.

The Design

There is so much going on with this Drawstring Backpack. But there is one more important note though; for the Pre-Fall 2018 Collection, there is a small size released.

This bag is made from calf leather, which is durable and solid. The body is designed with bright color (or the classic black) combined with black colored top handles. The center is printed with vintage logo from the 80’s. This historical piece is perfect for an urban/sporty-chic handbag.

And also, noticed the multiple-way of carrying. When the bag is flattened, we can easily use the handles to carry the bag as a tote. And because it’s crafted from leather, it also feels more luxurious due to the weight. We can also carried as backpack, which is easier to transport heavy items.

So what do you think? Would you carry it for work, for the gym or as an everyday bag?

The Interior


The bag can be opened and closed with the drawstrings. Inside you will find one large main compartment including an internal zipped pouch. It’s a lovely and spacious handbag.

The Sizes And Prices

Gucci Small Vintage Logo Drawstring Backpack
Sizes: 14’ x 12’ (H x W) inches
Prices: $1580 USD, €1290 EUR, £1160 GBP

Gucci Vintage Logo Drawstring Backpack
Sizes: 17.5’ x 15’ (H x W) inches
Prices: $1980 USD, €1590 EUR, £1440 GBP

Where To Shop the Gucci Logo Drawstring Backpack Bag?

1. MyTheresa – Shop via Mytheresa…

2. Farfetch – More colors available via here…

3. SSENSE – Also check out SSENSE here…

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Alexander McQueen tried to move our hearts by introducing the Insignia Shoulder Bag. But honestly, Alexander McQueen is famous because they’re Alexander McQueen. When we think of this designer brand, we think of urban-chic, royal-chic with exciting skull and knuckles. And also, a lot of shiny bling bling, crystals and gem-like stones. So why not stick with that?

Without much further ado, here’s the Alexander McQueen Skull 4ring Bag from the Fall Winter 2018 Collection.

The Design

The Skull 4ring Bag is made with love, we can literally feel that! It’s designed with a minimalistic body, so that our focus can be concentrated to what’s important – the center lock detailing.

The center features a signature line of dazzling crystals and moody skulls. And it’s something that only Alexander McQueen can create, because these iconic elements remind us of their brand in the high fashion world. This bag radiates instant cult status and it’s where classic and rock-chic meets.

And there is more – it’s made from calf leather, so sling it as much as you can because this leather is solid, strong and durable. The top features an ultra chic chain strap for shoulder carry, and it’s reinforced with a leather strap at the end for shoulder comfort.

Match this bag with the perfect dress and the spotlight is already guaranteed yours.

The Interior


The interior is designed with two internal compartments, center slot compartment and an internal zipped pocket. There are a lot of pockets to structure your essentials.

The Prices And Sizes

Measuring 5.5’ x 9.5’ x 2.5’ (H x W x D) inches, priced at $2190 USD, €1790 EUR, £1690 GBP.

Where To Shop Alexander McQueen Skull 4ring Bag?

1. MyTheresa – the black color is available here…

2. MyTheresa – the burgundy color is available here…

3. Luisa Via Roma – find the white color and more here…

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Every season, we face a huge challenge when it comes to handbags. You see, there will always be one or more seasonal handbags that make us obsessed. For the Pre-Fall 2018 Collection, the Chanel Enamel CC Bag is one of those guilty triggers. Beautiful, timeless yet unique when comparing to other stunning handbags. So are you falling in love yet?

We have a story to tell about the Enamel CC Bag. We even doubt whether it’s a new style and not a ‘retro’ edition.

The Design

The Enamel CC Bag might not be entirely new, because we have seen a similar style in the past. This bag looks very much like the Chanel Hampton Bag, which was first-introduced in the Fall 2011 Collection and re-released for the Spring 2013 Collection. Since then, we haven’t seen this bag again and we thought it was discontinued.

So why the Hampton Bag? First let’s forget about the shape. The Hampton Bag and this new Enamel CC Bag are both crafted in diamond quilting. The Hampton Bag’s quilting is slightly different as it looks much larger, stronger and more vivid. The Enamel CC Bag’s quilting is fairly similar to the ones built on the classic handbags.

But most important – the Enamel CC Logo. This type of logo was first-seen on the Hampton Bag and it was supposed to be the signature component of the Hampton line. But it’s now designed on the Enamel CC Bag.

The Enamel CC Logo is truly a magnificent piece in fashion, because it looks like a solar eclipse.
The center is made with a colored logo while the edges are refined in gold hardware.

Overall, the body of the Enamel CC Bag looks timeless. The CC Logo however, makes it feel like a contemporary item. It comes with the signature woven chain strap and for this season, it’s made with lambskin.

And there is one more thing. This bag is designed with a bi-color double flap. The second layer flap behind the quilted flap is a bit longer. And so, when we close the bag, we can see the extension of the second flap on the outside.

The Interior


The size of the interior depends on the size of the bag (this bag is available in two sizes). The Small Enamel CC Flap Bag is a bit smaller than the Small Classic Flap Bag.

The Small Enamel CC Flap Bag is measured 5.1’ x 8.3’ x 1.6’ inches while the Small Classic Flap Bag measures 5.7’ x 9.3’ x 2.6’ inches. The bag is certainly big enough to store all your daily essentials and it can be used as a day-to-evening bag. It’s not smaller than mini bag like a WOC.

For as far as we know, the bag appears to have two separated compartments.

The Prices And Sizes

The Chanel Small Enamel CC Flap Bag has the style code A57275, it measures 5.1’ x 8.3’ x 1.6’ inches and is priced at $4500 USD, €3900 euro, £3500 GBP, $6650 SGD, $35700 HKD, $6490 AUD, ¥547560 JPY, $5700 CAD, ₩5,440,000 WON.

There is also a medium size (and perhaps a large size). We don’t have information about those sizes yet. If we have more info, we will update this post.

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Womens Classic Long Wallet, Large Mode - Beautiful Designs Is Carved Out Of Cowhide - Handmade

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  • Womens Classic Long Wallet, Large Mode - Beautiful Designs Is Carved Out Of Cowhide - Handmade
  • Womens Classic Long Wallet, Large Mode - Beautiful Designs Is Carved Out Of Cowhide - Handmade
  • Womens Classic Long Wallet, Large Mode - Beautiful Designs Is Carved Out Of Cowhide - Handmade
  • Womens Classic Long Wallet, Large Mode - Beautiful Designs Is Carved Out Of Cowhide - Handmade
  • Womens Classic Long Wallet, Large Mode - Beautiful Designs Is Carved Out Of Cowhide - Handmade
  • Womens Classic Long Wallet, Large Mode - Beautiful Designs Is Carved Out Of Cowhide - Handmade

Womens Classic Long Wallet, Large Mode - Beautiful Designs Is Carved Out Of Cowhide - Handmade
- Hand-Made Patterns And Coloring
- Material: Cowhide
- Zipper Closure Pocket
- Size:  L*W 19.5CM*95CM
- This Wallet Come With Dust Bag, Box
- Have In Stock
Each Accessory Is A Work Of Art - Handmade [ Cowhide Art ] - Carved Out Of Cowhide ! 
Bags And Accessory Can Also Be Custom - Made To Suit Your Own Requirements. 
Buy Designer Handbags, Best Price And Quality! Free Worldwide Shipping, Free Returns! 
A Great Selection Of Genuine Leather Handbags,Totes, Clutch, Designer Shoulder Bags, Wallets & More!
Each Bag Is A Work Of Art, (Can Custom-Made) Handmade [ Cowhide Art ] - Bags Are Carved Out Of Cowhide.

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